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An agency of architecture and interior decoration, Diamh design agency creates and carry out projects with commitments to its clients

Each project is tailor-made, keeping in mind the personnality of the people and places. More than ever, interior decoration is an important element to wellness and the well-being of everyone.

Timeless and committed to:

  • always mixing finctionnality and beauty

  • always preserving the comfot of the place, giving it a timeless quality

  • favoring the clartity of the entire project, using an expert eye to choose dark or livemy colors

  • subtly taking inspiration from the current trends without going into excess

  • using tailor-designed cartpentry, often the key to optimizing the space

  • favoring french craftmanship

  • and bringing a particular attention to the lighting of the space

Projects designed and carried out within a specified time, from the design phase to the construction and delivery of furniture.

A relationship throughout the project, based on truth and satisfaction, wich is due to the quality of the services of the agency and its partners and to the guarantee of professional discounts for all purchases.



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