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Opportunity to evaluate before an acquisition

Visit the location and consider the design proposal taking into account the technical constraints.                                                              

Starting at 350 €

Architecture an interior decorating

  • of a room or apartment /house, professional space, show room, office...: blueprints, contacts with contractor, oversight of works, choice of materials and of colors, of furniture and fixtures.Visits to the show room are to be expected.

  • layouts: flat rate up to 100m2, then starting at 15 euros per m2 beyond 100m2.

  • Overight of work (assistance for project management): 5 to 8% the price of work or billing for the visit.

Interior decoration

No modification of layout drawings Layout bluepprint, choice of materials, fabrics and colors, furniture and fixtures. Visits to the show room are to be expected.                                                         

Starting at 600 € per room

Design advice

A 2-3 hour on-site visit to see and test different design possibilities and to get recommaendations from vendors.

300 €  per visit, serves Paris and western Paris



of materials, fabrics, furniture or other objects

A share of professional discounts

All our services are accompanied by formal provisions (architecture plans, sketched or drawn, 3D images (for your carpentry projects in particular), and a summary of needs and of recommendations, including a shopping list.






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